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24' White 4" X 6" Fiberglass Gutter (FG9024) - Halifax Building Supply

24' White 4" X 6" Fiberglass Gutter (FG9024)

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24' White 4" X 6" Fiberglass Gutter

FiberGutter® manufactures and distributes fiberglass gutter for use in new construction, historic renovation and replacement on homes that understand value.  Fiberglass rain gutter is the most durable, corrosion resistant and aesthetically pleasing gutter available.  


FIBERGUTTER is the most valuable solution for beautiful and durable fiberglass gutters, that looks just like wood, and will last a life-time.

Some of the features and benefits include:


· The Wooden Look that Lasts Forever - For roughly the same price as wood gutters, FIBERGUTTER offers a more durable solution for a beautiful gutter profile with zero added maintenance.


· True Cost Advantage - The linear foot cost of FIBERGUTTER compared to other systems, combined with decades of maintenance-free durability, makes FIBERGUTTER the industry leader in both performance and value.


· Seamless Appearance - With the GUTTER GLUE kit, heavily mitered seams and other intricate details will be invisible upon installation.


· Unmatched Durability & Strength - The strength of these pultruded gutters provides unmatched impact resistance and virtually zero expansion and contraction eliminating maintenance, moisture damage, and rotting associated with other gutter materials. FIBERGUTTER is highly UV stable, and significantly more impact resistant than vinyl, aluminum and copper gutters.


· Pultrusion Manufacturing System - More durable than extruded or hand-molded fiberglass gutters, always consistent sizes and profiles, and at a lower cost to manufacture.


· 50-Year Warranty - These gutters will outlast any wood, fiberglass, or PVC gutter system in the market today, with the warranty to back it up.


· Radius & Custom Profiles Available - FIBERGUTTER comes in up to 40' lengths but custom radiuses and profiles are available. 


· Installation Simplified – The installation of FIBERGUTTER has been greatly simplified since the inception of fiberglass gutter. With GUTTERGLUE you can take care of all of your miters, seams, endcaps and outlets in less than half the time of the older installation methods.

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