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Raindrop Gutter Guard (3' Section)

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Great to use with Fibergutter Brand Fiberglass Gutter. (Note: Will need to be slightly altered in the field to install on fiberglass gutter)

Scientifically Engineered - The uniquely patented design boasts (23) Raindrop Gutter Guardprecise details, which combine to beautifully orchestrate one of the highest overall performing gutter guard products to date.

The grids vertical bar layout along with the bars rounded tops allows gravity and water surface adhesion to redirect water off to the side openings. This allows performance to be unaffected in any rainfall amount, from a light spring rain to a heavy downpour. Vertical bar layout prevents heavy rain amounts from "sheeting" or bypassing beyond the gutters outer edge.

The bars undersides are tapered, continuing to work with the waters surface adhesion, and creating Raindrop Gutter Guard
a capillary action which naturally causes the rain water to be suctioned through the guard.  Ingeniously adding to Raindrop Gutter Guard's water capacity capabilities.

The openings are precisely spaced to create water surface tension between the bars. This is a key element which deters the smaller leafs, pine needles & seedlings from entering the the same manner a dropped leaf hits the water surface tension on a lake.

Gutter Guard's inherent grid layout takes care of the larger leafs & debris while the micro bar Raindrop Gutter Guarddesign utilizes the natural characteristics of water to handle the smaller leafs & debris. Miter Strips. . . Provide a Smooth Transition at the gutter corners along with a smooth and very appealing end appearance.


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